Our goal is to teach your child the proper way to drive so that he/she can get their driver's license and be a safe driver.

Classes are available at the following cities:

Marion, Wisconsin

Manawa, Wisconsin

Weyauwega, Wisconsin

New London, Wisconsin

Iola, Wisconsin

Upcoming classes

 Any ideas on holding a class anytime or place, please contact us and we will try to set something up in your area for your convenience

Tentative schedule for 2017 classes

Will update when classroom as been approved

  • Iola - Jan 30 - Feb 21, 2017 @ Iola High School
  • Wega - Feb 27 - March 17 @ Wega High School
  • Manawa - March 20 - April 7
  • Marion will be in May

For information on payment and services,Click Here

  •  We do have a payment plan at NO extra cost.
  • You can take the classroom portion at 14 1/2 years of age. We will hold all papers till you are 15 1/2 that will be needed at DMV for your temps.
  • We pick up from home or school. So parents don't need to wait till your done with your two hours of driving ( 1 hour drive & 1 hour observation.) 
  • We work around YOUR schedule.
  • We offer nights and weekends.
  • We do rent the car out for taking your road test, if you don't have a vehicle that is up to code.
  • We are notaries so if you can't take your child for their road test, we can notarize the form and take them for you, at a low cost.

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E5983 Drath Lane, Manawa, Wisconsin | 920-596-3370

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